Val d’Egua farm house

Val d’Egua farm house

The Farm House is located in the ancient hamlet of Molino, in the Municipality of Alto Sermenza.
The main activities of the farm are the breeding of goats and the cultivation of fields.

The little flock of Cashmere Goats is combed once a year, in spring time, and the precious “fleece" collected, cleaned, carded and coupled with sheep's wool is used to make warm and soft handmade quilts “Originali Val d'Egua “. The ancient fields, with dry stone walls, are worked in summer for the cultivation of vegetables of various kinds, including pumpkins and onions which are the basic ingredients of mustard and the various sweet and salty compotes produced by the farm house.

In the open ground, about a hundred rhubarb plants are also cultivated, typical of the Valsesian tradition, which is processed and used for compotes as well as for the preparation of rhubarb and raspberry tarts. In autumn, rye, millet and buckwheat are sown. An old wood-burning oven on the first floor of the rural house is used to bake natural bread with Mother Yeast. The oven has been renovated in 2018.


Val d’Egua farm house of Danila Giustina

Loc. Molino Strada per Carcoforo 13029 Alto Sermenza VC

Tel. +39 347 8821103

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