Farm House Sorelle Facciotti

Farm House Sorelle Facciotti

Azienda Agricola Sorelle Facciotti 2

The farm is located in Boccioleto (VC). It was born in 2014 from the idea of ​​two 18-year-old sisters who, thanks to a strong passion, a great youthful enthusiasm and a lot of spirit of sacrifice, have started a new business in close contact with nature and animals. A love, the one for the work of breeders, born out of nowhere because neither parents nor grandparents had chosen to undertake this profession. Their determination led them to make big plans and to give them all to make them become reality, without being stopped even by adults who are used to discourage such business ideas instead of incentivizing them.

Finally, in 2017, after years of endless planning and practices, they managed to build their new cowshed. Now the next “impossible dream" is a new stable for goats in order to increase the number of animals and, consequently, the production. They hike 6 months a year, dividing the mountain period into 3 months in various small alpine pastures of Boccioleto and in 3 months at the Ciletto and Giacet alps of Carcoforo. They breed cows, goats, poultry, rabbits and pigs. They sell the fruits of their production including: Toma Valsesia, goat cheese, ricotta, butter, various salami, meat, milk, eggs and various vegetables.


Point of sail in Boccioleto, we recommend calling the number +39 3479136842.

Home delivery on Friday throughout Valsesia and surrounding areas.

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