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The territory of Val Sermenza is the perfect choice for every hiking lover. Our land is still savage and full of unspoilt nature and it offers a large amount of opportunities for those who want to spend their time doing outdoor activities.

The territory has an enviable natural heritage thanks to the presence of: Natural Park of “Alta Valsesia”, G.T.A. (Grande Traversata delle Alpi) hiking trails, which involve tourists coming from North-East Europe and link our valley with neighboring territories (Valsesia and Val Mastallone) and last but not least, the amazing footpaths that allow to reach the many alpine pastures and refuges.

Our dynamic pathways are accessible to all: from the most expert hikers to families, that’s because of the peculiar shape and variety of landscapes provided by our territory.

Among the paths closest to us, we remember the one with signpost N.370 “Rimasco-Pian della Ratta-Alpe Campo” which permit to reach our structure and the “Colma Drosei-Cima Castello” with signpost N.367 which takes to the ancient village of Dorca and to its famous “Torba”, one of the oldest building of the alp.

We wish to thank Patrizia Mognetti for the kind concession of her pics.

We can organize, on request, guided tours and outdoor activites in direct contact with nature with “Monterosa Valsesia” licensed environmental guides.

GIRO DEGLI ALPEGGI – Rima – Lanciole di Sotto – Lanciole di sopra – Lavazei – Brusiccia – Vallezo – Vallè di Above – Vallè di sotto – Rima

Uphill difference: 758 m

This ring route crosses from west to east all the pastures of the valley floor reaching up to 2175 meters of the Rifugio & Vallè. After the bridge that leads to the Gipsoteca, continue right along the mule track and, at the junction, continue straight on the path N ° 92.

After crossing the Rio Lanciole, the path starts to climb rapidly reaching the Lanciole alp. After crossing the stream, continue on hairpin bends between blueberry and rhododendron spots; upon reaching Alpe Lanciole di Sopra (1937 m) the uphill section ends.

The path continues on the right up to the junction with the N ° 92B which, on level ground, continues to Alpe Lavazei (1943 m) where, still today, the shepherds go during the summer. The path N ° 92A continues on level ground and leads to Alpe Brusiccia which is located at 1943 m. like the Lavazei; at this point the itinerary begins to rise again along the path N ° 91 which turns to the left of the hut further downstream and, in about 15 minutes of walking, you reach the Madonnina della Neve.

From this point the path climbs with steep bends and in about 40 minutes you reach the Vallezo alp at 2167 meters; this splendid pasture consisting of five huts is among the oldest in the valley. Today, thanks to the will of the owners and the Antonietti family, the huts are under reconstruction.

In the pasture of the mountain pasture, in addition to cattle, numerous goats graze and from their milk cheeses are appreciated throughout the valley, supplying the nearby Rifugio Vallè in summer, which can be reached in just ten minutes. The path N ° 91A continues downhill towards Alpe Vallè di Sotto until you reach the base of the rocky ramparts on which the Vallezo and the refuge lie.

At the end of the steepest stretch between the small waterfalls that descend from Vallè di Sopra, the pastures of the Alpe Vallè di Sotto (1746 m) open. The path N. 91 continues downhill through a beautiful larch forest, runs alongside the Alpe Vallaracco and, in just over 30 minutes, brings you back to Rima.

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