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The crystal clear waters, the spectacular water features and the deep natural gorges offer strong emotions to fishermen who want to attend Val Sermenza, all immersed in unspoiled nature. Two splendid alpine streams, Egua and Sermenza, enter their waters in the artificial lake of Rimasco.

In the artificial lake of Rimasco it is possible to fish with only a daily permit without also having a government license. In the evocative body of water you can fish Fario trout with the “fly", “spoon" and “spinning" technique with a maximum of 5 catches. The opening period is, indicatively, from April to the first Sunday of October, weather conditions permitting. For members of S.V.P.S. there is a discount on the purchase of the daily permit.

In the above mentioned torrens, Egua and Sermenza, there are stretches managed by S.V.P.S. and by A.F.V. “Val D’Egua” and they are the following:

– “No-Kill” fishing section on Sermenza (only on reservation)

The “No-Kill" fishing section, managed by S.V.P.S., begins after the bridge of Rimasco on the road to Rima and goes on until the locality “Peschiera” of Rimasco near the hamlet of Balmelle. In this area, the only fishing technique allowed is “release fishing" which requires the animal to be released after capture.

For info and reservations: Stefano Pivetta (fishing warden) mobile + 39 347 741700

– Touristic fishing section on Egua

The following stretches are managed by A.F.V. “Val D’Egua”, it’s possible to fish on these sections only if provided of a special permit emitted by the above mentioned “Azienda Faunistica”.

Fishing sections in the Municipality of Alto Sermenza – Rimasco

The first track of “EGUA” torrent start at the bridge near to the Restaurant “Il Laghetto” of Rimasco and it proceeds until the “Rio Dorca” waterfall along the road to Carcoforo.

The second track of “EGUA” torrent originates from the bridge of hamlet “Molino”, on the road to Carcoforo, and it ends at the bridge in locality “Campo Ragozzi”, the last village of the Municipality of Alto Sermenza.

“MAZZUCCONE” torrent: the section is located in Ferrate in Alto Sermenza Municipality.

“LAMPONE” torrent: the section is located in Ferrate in Alto Sermenza Municipality.

Torrents in Carcoforo Municipality (tributaries of Egua):

Trasinera, Giovanchera, Egua, Ciletto and Passone

The fishing permits give access to the above mentioned areas and they can be purchased at:

Bar della Posta – Rimasco tel. + 39 0163/95120

Bar Ristorante Il Laghetto – Rimasco tel. + 39 0163/954228

Bar La Frangalla – Carcoforo mobile + 39 347/9864317

For members of S.V.P.S. there is a discount on the purchase of the fishing permit.

– Touristic sections managed by S.V.P.S. (*)


1° track: it starts from “Peschiera” of Rimasco and it ends at the Buzzo waterfall (San Giuseppe)

2° track: it begins from 200 m. upstream the “Quare” bridge (Rima) and it ends in the settlement of Rima.

The fishing permits can be purchased at: “Caccia e pesca – Lici Dalberto” Carla + 39 0163 52759 locality Balangera n. 12/bis

– Fishing reserves Supporting Members of S.V.P.S. (*)


Beautiful Fario trout with a very colorful livery, even of large size, populate this splendid high mountain reserve. There are three kilometers of torrent: from the confluence of the Dorca torrent, just upstream of the Lake of Rimasco, to the “Molino” Bridge, along the road that leads to Carcoforo. This reserve is suitable for all techniques, but it’s particularly interesting for fly fishing.

For informations: Roberto Calzoni (fishing warden) mobile + 39 349 7630685


This second High mountain reserve has similar characteristics to the “Egua” torrent one. It extends for about three kilometers, from the “Buzzo” waterfall up to 200 meters upstream of the “Quare” bridge, next to the road that leads to Rima and is easily accessible. In the meadows along the torrent, it’s possible to meet wild animals as roe deer and chamois. The catches in this reserve are always exciting: Fario and Irises trout specimens are the most present in this stream. 

For informations: Adriano Fraternali (Guide/Instructor) mobile +39 349 5423927


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