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In the Valsesian territory there are many routes dedicated to cycling and mountain biking, in some areas there are also some downhill descents on really exciting tracks!

Below we present the Valsesia byke trails that winds along the “Sesia” River, from Balmuccia to Alagna and it’s well signposted; it doesn’t present particular difficulties and is accessible to all bikers even without a particular training, it’s naturally advisable to use a helmet and to have a mountain bike in good condition.

The route, about 35 kilometers long, offers enchanting panoramic views at the edges of the Sesia River and reaches the foot of the Monte Rosa massif, alternating long flat stretches with climbs with a slope equal to or greater than 10% on uneven ground.


The bike track of Valsesia starts from the Village of Balmuccia, it goes across the Sesia river then upstream along its right bank towards northwest, gaining the left bank after the gorges “gole del Sesia”, it reaches the locality of Molino.


Cross the bridge over the Sesia river to get on the opposite bank, continue along the cycle track and after about 500 metres you will find a junction; take the left way and you will arrive at the hamlet of Chioso in Scopello.


The route continues along a stunning tract across the pine wood on a short ascent (about 100 m.) of medium difficulty, then to the right on the paved road towards the village of Piode and right again just past the fountain (water) before the bridge.


From the square of bar Capriccio (Water – possible mechanical assistance) proceed on a paved tract towards the departure of the chairlift as far as you encounter a short ascent and without crossing the bridge of Pila take the dirt tract to the left of a white bar.


Proceed along a short paved tract and across an old bridge before getting back on the dirt path that running alongside the right bank of the river leads to a challenging, short ascent (40 m.) and to the bridge of Quare.


Coming out of the dirt path take the left and after about 70 m. turn right and proceed on the paved road until reaching again the dirt path and and once across a small ford you will arrive at Campertogno.


Continuing on the paved road you will soon encounter a short ascent, keeping on the right you arrive at Carata. It’s recommended to follow the short mule track leading amidst the houses where you can get water. Then go down the stone paved slope to the village of Rusa, and past the centre down again on a quick paved descent of about 300 m. Particular attention is required to the left turn before the dirt road leading to Mollia.


From Mollia the route continues without any particular difficulty on the dirt track alongside the Sesia river in the shadow the trees, where wild animals can often be spotted, and arrives at the iron bridge of Otra Sesia where the dirt tract to Buzzo hamlet (2015).


Until the end of the works, you must cross the iron bridge and proceed on the left towards Alagna on the main road until the bridge of Buzzo hamlet. You cross the bridge, you follow the dirt track leading to Isolella hamlet, and you reach the opposite side of the valley. From here you reach easily Alagna Valsesia.