The hamlet of Priami of Rimasco

The hamlet of Priami of Rimasco – Municipality of Alto Sermenza

The village of Priami can be reached, in about 10 minutes, along an ancient mule track that starts in locality “Cà dell’Abate”, just a few meters from theparking area next to our chair lift.

Even if the path is not marked by a C.A.I. signpost, it’s easily passable and well preserved. Halfway, we find a 16 th century oratory covered with a beole; roof, testimony of the Valsesian artisans skills.

The current dedication of the chapel is in “Sant'Antonio da Padova", inside the building there is a statue depicting the saint.

The absence of a representation of “Sant’Antonio” in the interior frescoes, however, leaves open the hypothesis of a different original title.

Inside we find some interesting frescoes, dated to 1552, among which we can recognize: the image of “San Giacomo Maggiore”, located in the central masonry niche; the “Virgin of Milk “(right) with the Child in her arms and San Sebastiano (left). On the left side of the chapel: the Virgin enthroned with the Child in the middle of a two frescoes representing San Fabiano (right) and San Bernardo (left).

On the right side of the chapel, we find: very faded figures of San Defendente, the Madonna and Child and the figures of the four Evangelists.

Some scholars claim to be able to ascribe these paintings to the production of Graziano Scolari.

After passing the chapel, you continue to rise and, after a few hairpin bends, you reach a flat area from which you can enjoy a privileged panoramic view over the entire village of Rimasco. Continuing on, you come across a small oratory dedicated to “Santa Rita”, from here you can see the charming village of Priami.

Continuing to climb, right next to the footpath you can admire a Walser-style “Torba” surrounded by fields (only few of them are still cultivated) which shepherds use for the summer pastures.

Once you reach the parking area of the hamlet, you can see the small church dedicated to “San Fabiano e San Sebastiano”, as well as some beautiful houses supported by columns; one of these was recently renovated using the traditional construction techniques of Walser architecture.

Walking through the ancient streets of Priami, you can admire, on an external wall of Casa Aprile, a painting of the Madonna with Child.

Of particular interest is the subject of Jesus who, as in other frescoes in the Valsesia area, is portrayed with two bracelets and a coral necklace.

The color of the coral makes them symbols of the sacrifice to which Jesus is destined, but it is also true that since ancient times the coral had apotropaic value, so amulets and jewelry were commonly made of it for children, to protect them from evil influences.

From the small parking area, located in the highest part of the hamlet, you can see the small village of “Sotto il Montù”, some slopes of the ancient footpath made of stone that leads to “Alpe Dorca” and a section of the secondary road that links Priami to the main street.

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