Our story

The Alpe Campo of Rimasco was born in the early ‘80s as a little ski area; in these years a chair lift and two skilifts as well as an alpine hut with 140 seats between the inside and the outside have been built.

The ski area has been opened until the beginning of 2011 after some winters with very low snow
precipitations, has been realized between the years 2011-2013 the Fun bob – sponsored by Piedmont
Region and the municipality of Rimasco – which permitted to reopen the structure in May 2014.

The Alpe Campo s.r.l. Company, founded in 1998 as a result of the dismissal of the historical company named Valpiccola S.p.A. that promoted the creation of the location in the ‘80s, is the owner of the chair lift and of the alpine hut and deals with the management, in a coherent and uniform way, of the entire touristic site.

The mission of the Alpe Campo s.r.l. has always been the well-being of the community of Valsermenza and we are achieving the objective by creating jobs for our young citizens, by reversing the trend of depopulation, which has gone on for many years, and by stimulating the tourists to rediscover our magnificent territory full of history and traditions.

The Alpe Campo s.r.l. is considered as the most important business reality of the tourist industry in the entire Valsermenza and we are very proud about this because, thanks to our constant effort and our perseverance, this little corner of paradise continues to leave on and it’s starting again to be visited and appreciated as it once was… Maybe even more.

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