Foot path Rimasco – Alpe campo

Foot path RIMASCO – PIAN DELLA RATTA (intermediate stop) - ALPE CAMPO signpost CAI N. 370

RIMASCO – PIAN DELLA RATTA (intermediate stop)

Walking time: 45 minutes

Difference in altitude: 300 meters

Difficulty level: medium

The footpath, which starts next to the restaurant “Il Laghetto” – Località Sponda Lago, it’s a walking trail nestled in the woods and it is a medium difficulty level path. In some marked points, the trail approaches the Fun Bob attraction, while remaining properly separated from it.

After a 45 minutes ascent you reach the intermediate stop “Pian della Ratta” (m. 1200) where are located the starting point of the Fun Bob and the alpine hut “Alpe Campo”.


Walking time: 1 H.

Difference in altitude: 200 meters

Difficulty level: medium-high

From “Pian della Ratta” the footpath continues up to “Alpe Campo” (m. 1390), through a demanding ascent that runs along the unused ski trails. The starting point of the path is reachable by crossing the lawn in front of the Fun Bob, on the left side, then you proceed into a wood of beeches and firs, staying in the shade for about 30 minutes. Once you exit the woods, you can admire the three alpine huts of the “Alpe Campo”, made with the building technique of “dry stone”, then you get to the disused ski trail by a flat path on the right.

Walking time: 1H 45 minutes

Difference in altitude: 500 meters

Difficulty level: medium-high

From here start two others footpaths:

ALTERNATIVE TRAIL “ALPE LE TESTE”: crossing the disused ski trail, through a downhill stretch on the right, you reach the alpine hut “Alpe Pianali”, with signpost CAI n. 378.

Following the ridge on the right, you get to the first building, always made of dry stone, of the “Alpe le Teste”. The second construction, which is crumbling, in reachable in 10 minutes, from here you can admire the magnificent mountain range of “Monte Rosa”, the top of “Tagliaferro” and a privileged view of “Val Sermenza”, this is also the starting point of a demanding footpath (signpost n. 380)that leads to Fervento in a 1 hour walk.

ALTERNATIVE TRAIL “ALPE PIANELLO” (demanding footpath): it starts from the unused ski trail of the “Alpe Campo”. From here the footpath climbs steeply until you reach the “Bocchetta” that overlooks the medium Val Sermenza; then the trail winds up for 45 minutes, until you reach the building of ”Alpe Pianello” placed on the mountain slopes of “Cima Castello” (m 1985).

From here you can enjoy a breathtaking and panoramic view, almost 360-degree, on the surrounding area.

Ringraziamo Alessandra Cosentino per le foto

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