Alta Valsesia Natural Park

The territory of Alta Valsesia became part of the regional system of protected areas in 1979 with the
creation of the “Alta Valsesia Natural Park”, which is an alpine park that reaches the 4559 meters of “Punta Gnifetti” on Monte Rosa and is therefore the highest park in Europe.

The protected area extends from Valsesia to Val Mastallone passing through Val Sermenza, affecting the municipalities of Alagna, Alto
Sermenza, Carcoforo, Fobello and Rimella.

Much of the park is characterized by a glacial morphology; in fact the glaciers have been the predominant element of Valsesia for centuries.

The vegetation is the one of the Alpine and subalpine plains: we pass from the larch woods, to the alpine meadows and, even higher, to the pioneer species of the extreme environments (primroses, Ranunculus Glacialis, genepì, gentians).

In the areas, which are not affected by
glaciers, there is the typical vegetation of the mountain plain, represented by dense beech and white fir woods and shrubs such as rhododendron and blueberry.

At lower altitudes, we find: alpine rhubarb, wild
spinach, clover, nettles and mint.

The fauna of the park is very diversified and we can find: ibexes, chamois, marmots, roe deer, black grouse, variable hares and not infrequently the golden eagle.

These are only some of the species present in the
territory that can be observed during an excursion.

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